About Millennials App

This is the only app, which has
been designed for members of a generation, known as millennial generation. It’s a fun social network made for millennials with plenty of features that will make each of your visits more exciting. We are constantly working on Millennials app to make it better for you. Create yourself a profile today and start meeting new people! Are you a Millennials? – Join Us!

Register with phone number

You can easily register with your phone number.

Anonymus mode

If you decide you do not want to appear to all users, but you want to sort it out, then this is your option. You can set the invisible mode so your profile will be hidden except when you do the first step. Only you will see the one you’ve been liked.

Hidden from contactlist

You can hide your profile from members in your contact list if you do not want them to be seen. You can disable your contact list with one move.

Profile verify

You can validate your profile and offer others too! We also want to filter out non-real users.

Lightly. Playful. Amusing.

Meet and make friends easily. Find out who you are looking for!



The first Social &  Dating app built for millennials. Go App Store and Google Play!

Together is better...

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